The pool is open during fitness center hours except M-F from 2:30-3:30 for our Summer Camp participants. Lap swimming is available in designated lanes. 

Swimming lessons available! 

Contact Teri B at for more information.

Check out our group class schedule for Aqua Aerobics!

Birthday Pool Parties Package 2019  

Please call 504-619-9960 to book your party!

$400 plus tax with a $200 refundable cleaning deposit.  

Parties include 2 hours use of pool, patio and restroom area. A lifeguard and one staff member are included.   

Package includes up to 15 guests in addition to 2 hosts, one must be an LSU HealthFitness center member. Each additional guest after 15 persons is $5; maximum of 22 guests.  Two 1 topping pizzas and 3 pitchers of drink included.  

Hours for pool parties-Saturday 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm; Sunday 10 am- noon and 5pm-7pm  

  • Only Members may schedule Pool Parties.  
  • No smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages or use of glass containers.  
  • All Pool Parties must be scheduled and coordinated with the General Manager or designee and only for the time periods that the pool is available.  
  • Use of the pool for a Pool Party does not include use of the Fitness Center.  
  • Member must complete a Compliance and Hold Harmless Agreement, which includes pertinent information about scheduling, attendees, and associated fees.  
  • Members or their guests may not solicit open invitations to any Pool Party. An“Open invitation”: any group invitation via email, texting, social media, or other oral / print general announcement.  
  • All fees and deposits must be received in order to schedule the pool party.  
  • The Pool Party must end at the agreed upon time. Extension of the party may require additional charges.  
  • The Member must be present during the entire function or the security deposit will be forfeited.  
  • Members may not sell tickets or charge admission to individual guests in advance of, or at the time of the Pool Party.  
  • The Member is responsible for admitting only authorized guests.  
  • If the function is for guests under the age of 18, the Member shall have a minimum of one responsible adult (over the age of 18) for every 8 guests to monitor pool use and control group behavior. The swimming skill level and ability of guests to keep their faces above the water level should be considered when Members determine an appropriate number of adult monitors.  
  • The Member is responsible for sending all guests to the locker rooms to shower before swimming to help remove perspiration, body oil, cosmetics, etc. to keep those substances out of the pool.  
  • Food and beverages will be contained to tables in the patio area. No food or drink permitted poolside. No food or drink permitted poolside.  
  • Cleanup of the pool facilities immediately after the party is the responsibility of the Member. Pool area must be returned to pre-party condition, with all furniture and equipment returned to their proper place.  
  • Pool users must maintain decorum and show respect for other pool users. Language must be appropriate to a family atmosphere.  
  • Prior approval must be obtained from management before using any audio devise.  
  • Complaints due to excessive noise may necessitate termination of the function.  
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